Please DO NOT complete the below application without following the OUR PROCESS section of the Global Star Capital web site fully.  We will not recognize or entertain your project otherwise.

In addition, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the mandatory face to face meeting step that our founder Mr. Cocovich will perform.  The face to face meeting is required if Mr. Cocovich accepts your project fully.  There are no exceptions and there will be no negotiations.  Mr. Cocovich is vital to your process in game planning and presenting any project and has been for 20+ years.

If you are a "broker" or intermediary who has not become fully screened by Global Star Capital, please make sure that you immediately follow the instructions in the INTERMEDIARY/BROKER section.  You will be required to follow the protocol listed there.  Do not submit a project before you have been fully screened.  We are positive that if you are a typical internet only broker (Linked In Style People etc.), that you have not remotely been close to obtaining funding for a project or your clients.  If you want to accomplish anything positive for your clients, then become fully screened. We want to know exactly who we deal with and the protocol separates the true professionals from dreamers, novice entities and unethical people/groups.

This form is to be completed in full and is for commercial funding projects or Intellectual patented property projects only.  We will not service individual loans or individual home site real estate.

By completing this application in full, you will expedite your project review by at least 3 days. This is part of our mandatory protocol which is listed in the OUR PROCESS section of the web site.  Our protocol is etched in stone and is non-negotiable.  It is expected that you will follow our protocol or we will not assist you.

With clients in over 100 countries since 1991, offices in three countries, plus an exorbitant amount of funds from private high net worth people and/or trust available, we are the instrumental gateway to obtain your goals. You cannot reach these private entities on your own.


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