Global Star Capital offers an exciting opportunity for brokers/intermediaries world wide to affiliates with our firm under a new and improved format. Our proven protocol and system is in high demand worldwide by solvent principals because of the professionalism expectations made by sources of funding and investors who place capital into projects.  Our over two decades worth of experience places us at the top of the private funding sector.

We are a successful firm with clients represented in more than 100 countries. Our representation of projects and their solvent principals is recognized and demanded by extremely wealthy private entities and facilitators for their capital investments. From our expertise, brokers/intermediaries now have the opportunity to improve their skills and create a better client base. This will ultimately result in a better chance for success, both for their businesses and their clients, as they will be prepared to submit projects to Global Star Capital for consideration of funding assistance which is paramount.

If you are a broker/intermediary who would like to begin the process of a possible relationship with Global Star Capital, please complete our required application at this link and a representative of Global Star Capital will contact you via email.  After contact has been established, our founder Rich Cocovich will arrange a conference call with you.  No contact will be made unless a fully completed application is received with professionally answered questions and data provided.