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Our main company web site is globalstarcapital.com. This web site is the text only version for slower internet users

Global Star Capital is Your Gateway to Project Funding.

We Are the top intermediary agency and consulting firm in private funding. 

We Service Commercial and Intellectual Property Projects.

We Handle Start-up Funding, Business Acquisitions and Merger/Leverage Buyouts, Stage Two Growth, Bridge Loans, Sale Leaseback, Mezzanine Loans, Construction Loans, Land Loans, International Loans, Hard Money Loans, Alternative Collateral, Credit Lines, Refinancing Loans, Debt Loans Secured By Collateral.

Our Funding Source Facilitators range from our own Internal Company Lending to Private Individuals, Private Trust Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Investment Banking Companies, Direct Hard Money Lenders, Wall Street, Private Wealth Groups, Private Investment Societies, Long Time Funding Underwriters, Merchant Banks, Off-Shore Money Lenders, Private International Bank Lending and societies of specified Angel Investors. 

We Work with solvent individuals who have projects ranging from $500,000 and up with NO MAXIMUM LIMIT.  These projects can include, but are not limited to: Land Development, Commercial Property Development, Medical, Transportation, Technology, Energy, Alternative Energy, Bio Tech, Green Earth Projects, Business Growth Projects and most other sectors not listed.

Please Read the entire website to understand our philosophy, protocol, and process. Our etched in stone system and services are in extremely high demand. We will not rework our system or protocol. Governments, corporations and individuals world wide have all followed our protocol in assisting their goals for decades.

Countries from which we will consider projects from include: United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, The Bahamas, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, India, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Romania, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, South Africa, Portugal, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Iceland, Netherlands, Thailand, Mongolia, Cameroon, Philippines, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Columbia, Malaysia, Qatar, Belgium and others by request, in fact we have done work in over 100 countries.

Global Star Capital welcomes all solvent project principals to begin your relationship with our firm in the OUR PROCESS section of this website.  

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